So you are planning to build a mobile app? Great!!! Here are the checklists prior to making them!

With the increased usage of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, this industry is booming, so the mobile apps. Millions of people around the world simply can’t imagine their days without their mobile phones which they use for making calls, organizing business meetings, staying in touch with their friends via social networks, playing games and even tracking their heart rate and hundreds of other activities.

Fitness Fanatics Fueled Health and Fitness Apps Finally To Take Off

We have seen in past 6 years mobile and its apps has transformed many industries. The healthcare and fitness industries totally would be transformed by smart wearable devices. The market is flooding and cherishing everyday with new and innovative wearable devices.

Emerging trends and developer opportunities in enterprise mobility (professional and vertical app markets)

Apps are changing the way people communicate, work and play. App development has grown into a huge industry, which we estimate to be worth $67 billion in 2013. We expect the app economy to more than double in size by 2016.

Most of the publicity and media spotlights currently fall on superstar consumer apps like Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga and communication apps like WhatsApp. These success stories have certainly highlighted the massive scale and revenue potential of mobile apps, reaching from zero to tens of millions of users in record-breaking time.

Mobile Development Trend Need To Watch In 2014

In the post-PC era, mobile devices, in particular smartphone and tablet, have swept the world. The mobile devices, especially the smartphone, no doubt, will keep a continuous rapid increase in the future. Better technology, better tools, more developers, and better ideas, are contributing to the rapid growth in the industry. Here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2014 and the year to come.